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Lungworm in dogs

Lungworm is a type of parasitic worm — called Angiostrongylus Vasorum — which can affect dogs, foxes and badgers. It lives in the heart and blood vessels that supply the lungs.

Lungworm Cycle

Lungworm is described as an “emerging” disease, which means it’s gradually becoming more common. Traditionally, lungworm only appeared in certain “hot spots” in the south of England, but in recent years it has been identified in dogs in most of the UK. It’s unclear exactly what’s causing lungworm to spread and that of other parasites such as ticks, but increased movement of dogs around the country, as well as increasing contact between wildlife and the urban environment, is thought to have played a big part too.

If Lungworm is present a cause for concern if left untreated. If a lungworm burden is present, the lungworm will be identified, so that targeted and appropriate treatment can be given.

A three consecutive day sample of the first faecal motion of each day is required for this screen. The kits come with full instructions of the requirements. 

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