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LAB K9 Worm Count Kits

Worm Count Test Kit

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This is a standard worm count test that screens for the following parasites  with their English and Latin names, which is useful if veterinary treatment is required.

The test will identify all species present within the family groups of:

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Tapeworms

*Tapeworms are very intermittent shedders and do not always show on a worm egg test.  As they may not have been present when the sample was taken, it is advisable to do a regular count (4 times a year).

This test requires one sample in total. Post the sample on the day of collection to make sure they’re as fresh as possible when they arrive at the lab. Open the kit. Take a sample of your dog’s poo from that day using the small spoon provided. Put the sample into the sample pouches, dispose of the spoon! Fill out the labels with your details. Put the sample pouch into the freezer bag then into the prepaid post bag.

Try to take the samples Monday to Thursday so the samples are not waiting in the post box for a couple of days.

The results are emailed to you within 24/48 hours of receipt of the sample.

  • Full instructions
  • Disposable gloves
  • Collection spoons
  • Sealed sample pouches
  • Outer bag
  • Freepost envelope

This Kit is for 1 x Dog

The kits have no expiry date. They come with one pre-paid envelope, however, you can send them back separately throughout the year!


1 x Dog, 2 x Dog, 3 x Dog, 4 x Dog, 5 x Dog

1 review for Worm Count Test Kit

  1. David T

    Excellent Product and price!

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